Tracy K. Ross is a couples and family therapist in NYC.

For over 25 years, she has been working with couples at all phases of their relationships, including pre-marriage and post-divorce. Ms. Ross’ specialties include parenting issues, collaborative divorce, discernment counseling, sex therapy, and running optimal sexual experience groups for couples.

Early in her career, Ms. Ross worked as a clinical consultant for corporations and organizations, advising on all manner of employee situations. She draws from her extensive experience running critical incident debriefings in the workplace after traumatic incidents in her work with high conflict, volatile couples.

Working with families and couples experiencing challenges throughout the lifecycle, Ms. Ross came to realize that what she was doing was ‘redesigning relationships’. She identified different events and personal triggers that would disrupt relationships and came to view her role as facilitating a ‘redesign’. This unique method helps couples gain the connection and tools to go from volatility to versatility, distance to connection and avoidance to intimacy.

Ms. Ross has a private practice in the West Village and also works as a faculty member on the Resilient Families/Special Needs Kids Project at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. In that capacity, she designs and delivers workshops, trainings, and groups for families and professionals. She recently gave a webinar to a national NASW audience entitled: ‘Transform Your Couples Communication: Guiding Your Clients through Difficult Conversations’.

With graduate degrees from Columbia University and Fordham University, Ms. Ross is a licensed clinical social worker, organizational psychologist, and collaborative divorce coach. She completed post-graduate training at the Ackerman Institute’s family & couples externship program. She lives in NYC with her family.


Tracy Ross, LCSW is an NYC-based counselor with a nationwide practice, who has helped couples and families for over 20 years to redesign their relationships and move them from volatility to versatility: from a state of breakdown to a new relationship in which all can thrive.


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