Insights Into Sex Therapy and Discernment Counseling

tracy on breathe

Tracy appeared on the June 3, 2020, episode of the Breathe Into The Unknown Podcast with DeDe Hallerman.

Tracy and DeDe discussed:

[3:44] Tracy describes Discernment Counseling and how it can be helpful at a crossroad in a relationship.

[6:06] The process of Discernment Counseling.

[10:28] How Tracy guides couples through talking about sex and how to gain an intimate connection.

[13:27] How she provides a safe environment for couples to open up about uncomfortable topics.

[18:51]The definition of what sex and intimacy means for the couple and understanding one another’s perspective.

[27:10] How couples are using quarantine time to work on connecting with their communication and intimacy.

You can find the podcast here.

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